They say, “Packaging is just more than a pretty face.”

Running a packaging business is entirely an overwhelming experience. A packaging firm is not established in order to just survive. A successful packaging business covers every aspect of business. A standard thought of ‘It’s just a wrapper’ is what comes in a common-man’s mind.

But, the owners of packaging companies and consumer-product companies understand how important it is to have a design that goes well with a good packaging. The secret of a packaging business relies on its durability. To create a durable “wrapper” keeping a client’s needs in mind, an approval on a product’s design is not enough.

In order to maintain a customer’s needs and quality, Aakash Packaging proceeds with printing based on certain rules.

A design is not enough. Packaging is based on a combination of raw materials. A structure is a description that clarifies which consumer-product needs to be packed. There’s a different structure for candy-wrapping (for e.g. PVC twist-wrap or polyester).A different one for laminates (white opaque poly, BOPP, CPP) and pouching (foil, poly), etc. The thickness varies for every product. The thickness is described in the form of microns.

Digital Proof Approval:
Once an approval on structure & pricing is received, a digital proof is sent to the company which matches the colours by 90% with the printing that has to be taken forward. This approval of the digital proof is important because the customer gets an idea of colours and the size of the packaging material that will be upplied to them. This activity is performed for local & export orders.Digital proof

Cylinder Proof Approval:
Aakash Packaging owns EXPER PAC 4100 eight-colour rotogravure printing machine. A set of eight-colour cylinders are fabricated in order to start the production. After receiving an approval on the digital proofs and the raw materials, a copy of the first print on the first layer is sent to the company. This activity is limited for the local clients only.

Plant Visit during first-run:
This activity is performed keeping in mind the colour shades, most importantly. A request to be present at the plant while the first-layer print is on is made so that there are no compromises with the shades of the colours used in the design. This not only clears colour doubts but also shows how important it is for us to reach the expectation level of our clients. This activity is the most flexible activity for our local customers.


Patience is the key to success. Right from getting digital proofs to ordering the raw material to the making of the cylinders and then the final dispatch, the entire process of packaging business is time-consuming. We assure a proper balance in time-management to our customers and proceed ahead. An understanding to stay patient for the orders to avoid miscommunication is expected from our clients.






Aakash Packaging, based in the western part of India, is a manufacturer of PVC Twist-wrap films, PVC Films for battery labels, flexible laminates for confectionery, noodles, aata , tea, coffee, etc. and pouches.


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