And now…Pouches!

And now…Pouches!

The world of packaging is vast and categorized. Its flexibility relies on a vendor that offers the best possible options in attractive forms.

With progress and time, Aakash Packaging has now adopted the culture of Pouch Packaging in the unit. A fine wide range of pouch packaging introducing stand-up, three-sided and four-sided with zipper, side gusset, shaped pouches, etc. are now manufactured at competitive prices.

All settle down with comfort when it comes to basics like powdered products such as coffee, organic tea, pet food, cosmetics and liquid products. Then, be it an aptly described packaging format of a stand-up pouch with great shelf presence containing cookies & dry fruits or a 3-sealed pouch with welds on three or all the sides with coffee, Aakash Packaging offers categorized flexible Pouch Packaging solutions with the finest quality.

• Stand-up Pouch
Stand-up Pouches have gradually hit the demand in the market and are now the favorite of all retailers and consumers. Their great shelf presence and available options make them an admired choice for a wide range of products. Majorly used for cookies, nuts, dry fruits, candy, chips and powder – Aakash Packaging offers pouching in the foil, clear poly & metallized materials.

• Side Gusset Pouch
The Side Gusset Pouch is the recognized format for coffee packaging today. It is also widely used in other markets such as pet food, powdered goods, teas and other specialty food products. With two long faces or panels in the front and the back, the gussets expand when the package is filled with product, and the weight of the product usually holds the bag upright.

• Shaped Pouch
Our latest project was with Shaped Pouches.Shaped flexible pouches can be shaped to match brand, function, and appeal for a variety of packaging applications and markets – including food, pet food, pharmaceutical, and more. A variety of closures for our pouches include traditional press-to-close zippers and cap covers depending on the client’s comfort.

• 3-sealed Pouch
The mass amount of offerings with 3-sealed and 4-sealed pouches plays a key role in our pouching activities. This form of packaging is user-friendly and space convenient. Once the bag has been filled, a heat sealer is used to seal the bag. In this case, these bags would have one side open for the filling thereof.

Basic structure of every pouch we provide is as follows:
PET + MET PET + Poly
PET + Alu Foil + Poly/CPP
Nylon + Poly,

On request:
Three Side Seal Pouch + Zipper, Bottom Gusset Center Pouch (Stand – up Pouch) + Zipper, Two Side Gusset Center Seal Pouch, Two Side Gusset Bottom Seal Pouch on demand are also available when we get a requirement with customized forms zippers, hanging holes, euro slots, transparent windows, etc.


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