Why Choose Us?

We can offer surface printed films for twist application, suitable for high speed, precision printing enhances your brand visibility, and superior qualitative lamination provides longer shelf-life. Usage of adhesive depends on nature of finished product packed in the laminate. It can be solvent based, solvent less and water based adhesive. We can offer extrusion lamination also. Laminates are designed to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of the user. Depending upon the barrier property, suitable multi-layer flexible laminates are produced.

What We Produce?

Our facility can produce
  • Mono layer films
  • Two ply laminates
  • Three ply laminates
  • Four ply laminates

In below combinations:
1. Mono layer
Twist grade PVC [transparent, tinted or metalized] and Polyester [Transparent or metalized] are generally surface printed. However, they can be reverse printed also.

Apart from the above, paper with lacquer coating can also be offered.

2. Polyester based
First layer of polyester film reverse printed can be laminated to metalized polyester or BOPP film, holographic film, aluminium foil, polyethylene film and CPP film

3. BOPP based
First layer of BOPP film reverse printed can be laminated to metalized BOPP or polyester film, holo-graphic film, aluminum foil, polyethylene film and CPP film

4. Paper based
Surface printed poster/chromo art paper can be laminated to BOPP, polyethylene or CPP film

5. Foil based
Surface printed aluminum foil laminated to poster/butter paper for candy wraps or cheese cubes


What is PVC?
PVC is a plastic material which has recently suffered from bad press often based on emotional rather than real facts.PVC is still one of the most versatile, low cost materials with one of the most favourable eco balances. The strict regulations applied to the production of the resin, the criteria of the usage and the introduction of the precise rules for the disposal of used products makes PVC a material which combines high performance with a low environmental impact. PVC which is included in the list of food contact approved material is suitable for the most advanced uses.

From food packaging to construction sector and to pharmaceutical and medical products including blood bags and catheters using our own technology , we have developed unplasticised which has been of particular significance in the evolution of packaging. These films are produced on special equipments using the bubble extrusion technique and have thickness ranging from 6 to 60 microns.

Main Users?
The main users are food (in particular, sweets manufacturers) paper and pharmaceutical industries.
The most common applications are:
– Double and single twist wrapping of candles
– Over wrapping of all kinds of boxes
– Windows on envelopes and boxes
– Christmas decorations

PVC Films of this kind are perfectly suitable for packaging and are brilliant and transparent and slip characters which afford excellent machine-ability.

Are They Flammable?
They’re easily printable without any prior treatment of the film surface. They are not flammable and are completely insensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

A variation of basic products consists of a semi-plastic type made explicitly to give slight shrink which improves the close fit of the wrapping of the product.