Welcome to Aakash Packaging

Established in 1983, with tiny goals of earning the daily bread, we started the packaging business as a profession. Respecting its nationality, as it took place in India, Aakash Packaging was named keeping the limitless sky in mind.

Initially, it was a small set up which stipulated packaging to confectionary, bread and bags for clothes. With the advancement and multiplication of the resources the field of technology & economy, Aakash Packaging has prospered into a converting unit today.

Our unit proposes an idea of packaging which encourages protection. We lay forward, printed/unprinted, laminated, mono-layer packaging material in customized colours and shapes.

What We Do

  • PVC manufacturing by using bubble extrusion technique, ranging from 6 microns to 200 microns in web width of 1500mm
  • 2 vacuum metalizing machines
  • 1100mm wide 8 color printing machine
  • 1 each solvent less and solvent based laminators
  • 2 slitting machines
  • 2 pouch making machines
  • Quality control equipment

Qualified Team

Well qualified team is led by professional from the industry, specializing in quality control (in-line and off-line) starting from raw materials to finished products. It ensures anything that comes in and goes out of our facility is proven and meeting customer’s demand.

Happy Clients

We follow First Time Right policy for complete customer satisfaction. This helps us in growing customer’s confidence and our growth.

Quality Certifications

  • BSCIC ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 22000
  • HACCP and BRC